Joshua LAI is the founder and the president of DFON Biomedical Technology Inc

Listening to women around him, he realized that time is an ally of their beauty.  His dream was to create an intelligent product that brings a dynamic balance to the skin by slowing down the destruction of collagen, while accelerating its regeneration.  Joshua’s scientific background and his fascination with martial arts made his dream possible.

Joshua LAI majored in Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.

Before starting his company, Joshua worked for 7 years in ITRI (top research institute) and was in charge of material research and commercialization.

After a successful career in leading biomaterial projects, he discovered an innovative use of a cancer treatment capsule which, as it turned out, has a unique ability to effectively and durably address skin aging.



AMELIORAGE offers women a soothing vision of time; traditionally  considered as a destroyer of feminine beauty, time on the contrary, becomes a woman’s ally.

AMELIORAGE the brand, that creates an alliance with time, that KNOWS how to tame time without being combative, that KNOWS when  to slow down or to accelerate.

Skin care for you , time for you.

Time is « suspended » , a parentheses  to rediscover yourself, to get your balance back. Choosing our product range is to give yourself time to rediscover your beauty.


=> High Efficacy Based on Biomedical Research

double action treatment system that brings skin into the autologus repair through the proprietory technology that simultaneously

innhibits degradation of collagen and stimulates its productions; 7 years of biomedical research

=> Skin Compatibility and Safety

Patented biocompatible nature polymer MMpH as a unique delivery systemthat respects the physiological mechanisms of the skin and optimizes skin’s natural processes; ; environmentally aware –no pollution in production process

=> Time as an Ally and as a Beauty Architect

Skin care that energizes and revitalizes women in their quest for self-confidencehealth and happiness; helps master the skin’s biologicalrhythms – immortality at hand’s reach

=> Honesty & Transparency

Discourse, formulation and ingredients – instant results, immediate feeling of hydration, quick absorption, sensation of purity and freshness,

measurable results >28 days;

improves collagen dynamic balance of skin and visible results in terms of firmness , hydration , appearance of wrinkles and radiance